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The duo of chocolate and strawberry

The duo of chocolate and strawberry

Strawberries are known to be one of those most favorite fruits of all, and it is grown across the globe. 

does strawberry help in fighting depression?

Depression these days are known to be the most basic ailment. It operates as a part of the current lifestyle that we follow and the mental setbacks that we come across through different situations of our lives. But none the less, strawberries are for the rescue. The studies suggest that consuming 4 strawberries each day can help in boosting happiness among the consumers and help them aid the budding consequences of depression.

That Fat Food Friend.

If food hopping is your worry or those chubby cheeks that dwelling by is your concern, then ask for help from your fat food friend – Strawberry. The goodness of strawberry seeds helps in reducing fat and also helps in boosting immunity, improving blood circulation and enhances skin texture.

If all that still counts less on you, go on to explore some explicit benefits of strawberry and share them with me through comments.



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